May 07, 2006

The NEXT Next Step

I believe she called the previous entry "The Next Step" because she took one more step toward a full six-stroke caning. Of course I wouldn't normally cane her on a Little Day, however, when she is meant to feel two years old for it would be completely inappropriate.

Now let's see, she left off at breakfast, which leaves much of the day left to be described. If only time didn't pass so quickly and leave it difficult to retrieve an aging man's memories, or more specifically to discern one from another.

Let me take us directly to the point. (My apologies to those who enjoy small details!)

During Little Days she is usually spanked frequently, but not harshly. She is diapered on these days, as she mentioned, and when she slips out of little behaviour and forgets herself, I remind her by taking down those sweet diapers and pulling her across my lap, bare bottomed, and delivering a short hand spanking. I rarely ever use implements on these special days for the spankings are designed to remind her of her littleness and not designed to be harsh. They are meant to make her feel small and childlike, and they pack a sting, but they are not meant to leave marks or to be extraordinarily painful - specifically because of the fact that it is very common for her to receive several of them in one day depending upon her ability to behave and remember her little rules.

When she is little she is not permitted any adult behaviours.

Throughout the day she was given several of these baby-spankings, for arguing about eating lunch when she didn't want to, for changing the channel on the television to the afternoon news, and for arguing with me about taking an afternoon nap. I believe there was one other incident though I have trouble getting enough friction between my brain cells to recall it.

Regardless, these things aren't the point, only the lead-up. She had had two, or perhaps three incidences of arguing by the time she earned herself a more serious punishment. This last incident came when she began complaining about going to bed after dinner. On Little Days I do insist she go to bed almost immediately after we eat. Again, this is designed to make her feel little and controlled and while it does do these things, of course, it sometimes has a tendancy to frustrate her as well. It is a test of her obedience and submission to work through these feelings and obey despite them, but she was having a harder time than usual with that on this day and when she began arguing about bedtime I took her upstairs by the hand and told her she had exactly two minutes to brush her teeth before I would tuck her into bed.

She began to whine and I warned her again. It is rare that she requires a warning and the fact that she was in this mood only reinforced the fact that an early bedtime was exactly what she needed, however, she did not heed my warning and continued to argue. At this point I picked up her hairbrush off the dresser, took down her diapers and pulled her across my lap on the bed and began to spank her disobedient little bottom. She screamed and begged me to stop, which I did not (of course) until she said she wanted the cane instead.

This referred back to an arrangement she and I had made several weeks ago in which she was given permission to trade a full spanking for one cane stroke. She took me up on that eventually and admitted it wasn't as terrifying as she had believed it would be, but when I offered her the option to trade the next one for two strokes she told me she would probably not be willing to do that.

However, that night she changed her mind. I must remember the power of the wooden hairbrush in helping her see things from my perspective.

I let her up and took her to the office where she was put into position and she began to cry in earnest before I even picked up the cane. Poor thing - I truly hate for her to feel so frightened, but I was also pleased to see her take "the next step" toward trusting me enough to use the cane on her at my own discretion. This is my aim, to let her see that I will use it on her the same as I do every other implement, with a design toward punishing her thoroughly but never cruelly or barbarically.

She took the two cane strokes with a lot of howling between them, but managed to keep her position with a little help from my hand placed firmly on her back. When she has learned to handle the cane better I shall become more insistent about holding her position properly. Nonetheless, she made me proud by taking two strokes and rubbing lotion into her two pretty stripes before tucking her into bed was a satisfying ending to the day we had shared.


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thanks for finishng the story...

ill elaborate more one day maybe .. but this is sooo new to my mind.. im a little more than worried to admit very much

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