December 16, 2008

Coming soon to a blog near you

Nearly 2008 and we are still here! I apologize to everyone who has looked for us in the last little forever. We are still together, still happily married, still here. And with plans to continue writing shortly. Thanks to everyone who asked after us!

June 10, 2006

It's been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely time

It has been a long time since I have posted anything here! Poor blog, you must have been lonely.

I have been caught up in a veritable whirlwind of chaos the last few weeks, by way of explanation for my absense. I have been editing a script for my theatre company and workshopping it with several actors, and this has meant putting in a lot of extra hours both at the theatre and at home hammering away at the keyboard turning Irish slang into something comprehensible to the average person. (Good lord, I've lived here forEVER and I still can't understand Trainspotting.) In the end, spending all that time writing has taken the fire from my fingertips when it came to writing here.

However, at last I am at a point where I can take a break, and this means I have returned! (cue ticker tape parade)

There is some good news. Sitting on my rear end so much in the last few weeks has yielded some minor success in Operation Weight Gain. I am up two pounds since Daddy first told me I had to try to gain five, and that's up half a pound since my last weigh-in a week ago. So, there are some benefits to being overworked and too tired to exercise! Perhaps when I gain the other three my bra straps will stop slipping down my shoulders, haha.

In other news, I have managed to stay mostly out of trouble lately and have had no serious punishments since the last one I posted about. Serious, to me, is the kind of punishment where I end up bawling and having a sore bottom for a couple of days. Those kinds of punishments are for when I am disobedient, and a good thing about working so much is that I haven't had much time to find any real trouble.

Oh, I did get a small spanking a few days ago for leaving the back gate banging in the wind after promising to remember to shut it properly, but these kinds of punishments fall into the "mild" category and are more embarrassing than they are painful.

Strangely enough, managing to avoid severe punishments for a long time can have a negative effect on my little side. That is to say that my little side needs the security of regular discipline, even though I don't exactly want it. It leads to feeling a bit restless and irritable, longing for some time with Daddy as his little girl, even as I dread some of the things he does to get me to that place.

He knows this, of course. He knows the little girl inside me better than I do. And so it is time for another "Little Day" tomorrow. That means that when I wake up tomorrow I will be his baby all day until the next morning. I don't know what he has planned for the day but I have that feeling that comes from knowing what is likely to take place during the day.

There are so many parts of being his baby that are difficult for me. And yet, anticipating them leaves me tingly and filled with butterflies as if I was falling in love for the first time instead of contemplating spending a day with someone who I have known and been married to for years. Of course, being little means I won't be permitted to use my computer, but I will save details for the next time I post, with a promise to be back sooner next time.

PS: Note to self: why does that middle section refuse to change colours?

May 19, 2006

Sometimes my Daddy...

Sometimes my Daddy calls me "babygirl" in front of his brothers or in front of my friends.

Sometimes my Daddy cups my bottom in both his hands and whispers, "You belong to me."

Sometimes my Daddy makes me stand in line beside him at the store while he pays for new spanking implements.

Sometimes my Daddy gives me one swat on my bottom in public if he doesn't like my behaviour.

Sometimes my Daddy speaks to my friends on the phone when I've been sent to bed at 7:00pm and says matter-of-factly, "Anna is in bed right now. Shall I give her a message?"

Sometimes my Daddy tells me I have five minutes to finish my dinner or else I will be punished.

Sometimes my Daddy makes me stand in the corner while he decides whether to spank me or not.

Sometimes my Daddy holds my hand firmly in the shopping centre as if I am three and might dart away.

Sometimes my Daddy asks me, "Do you need a nap, young lady?"

Sometimes my Daddy takes my temperature in my bottom when he's worried I might be sick.

Sometimes my Daddy kisses me on the nose and sings me songs when he tucks me in at night.

Sometimes my Daddy asks me who is the most loved little girl in the world.

Always I answer in disbelief. Me.

May 17, 2006

Expounding on Whys and Wherefores

It's been fascinating to me to read Daddy's blog the last couple of days. Of course I am well acquainted with his own theories and beliefs about the lifestyle we have chosen because we talk about it all the time. But, what interested me especially was the comments and questions raised by other people who share some of the same interests.

Growing up, I worshipped my father. Honestly, in retrospect, I'm not entirely sure he deserved to be revered quite so much, but I do still have an enormous amount of respect for his intelligence and his patience and his calm demeanor. In fact, there are qualities that also drew me to my husband. However, there is one huge difference between my father and my husband and that is that my father was completely non-confrontational.

My mother was an extremely vocal and controlling parent. She micromanaged a lot of the behaviour of her kids and was very impatient and quick to anger. Discipline under my mother's hand was frightening and inconsistent and often unexpected. She often lashed out in anger both vocally and physically.

My father's response to this was to disappear quietly behind a newspaper and leave us to fight it out. As a child, I suppose, I adored him because he was the safe parent, predictable and calm and consistent. He never yelled and he never lost his temper. And yet, in his choice to keep a distance from the chaos, he also distanced himself from his children and in that way I never felt as close to him as I longed to be.

The need for a Daddy was strong in me, even as a child. I remember longing to be Daddied even back when I had my father - that is, not the sexual aspects of the type of submission I have with my husband, but I longed for a strong man to take care of me and make me safe.

As I grew older I became ashamed of this desire because it fit so poorly with everything I had been taught and believed about women's rights and equality and feminism and so forth. I hated the idea of being controlled by a man at the same time as I longed for it. I wrote off my own secret interests as something weird about me and didn't pursue them other than through imaginings.

By the time I left home (I was living between two homes, in Vancouver, Canada and Seattle, Washington) I was determined never to get married but instead to travel the world and be completely self-sufficient forever.

And then I met Daddy. I had never met a man like him. He acted like a father almost immediately, even without my invitation to do so. I learned later that he behaves this way with everyone. That is, being a Daddy isn't a role for him. He is simply built that way; he is charismatic and strong. People seem to turn to him for his opinion or decisions instinctually, even people who don't know him well, and people who don't know him in the context of Daddyhood. He chided me about smoking almost as soon as I met him, and not in a way I found irritating the way so many complainers did irritate me back in those (blissful) smoky days. Instead, he spoke to me like I had no choice but to obey him, as though I was already his girl. "Throw those away, honey, they aren't good for you. Here, give them to me." I was shocked by his bossiness and I was even more shocked at my own reaction, which was almost instantaneous obedience. It didn't take long for me to realise that who he is fits perfectly with the little-girl side of me.

At the same time, the adult side of me really rebelled at his assuming treatment of me. I really agonized over whether I wanted to keep seeing him after starting to realise what I was getting into. It's incredibly frightening to give control of oneself to another person, even temporarily, even just as an experiment, which is what I believed it was back then.

Instead, it grew deeper and before long I had abandoned all plans of ever leaving Ireland to continue my travels, and moved into his home with him. It took no time for him to lay down the rules of the house when I moved in. Though I always felt like an equal partner in adult respects (for example, he has never controlled me through money or home ownership or anything like that), there were other things in place to make it clear that if we were going to cohabitate, I would have to obey some of his rules. The rules had mostly to do with respecting myself, especially in the beginning, and he set about to break the smoking habit forever and also to change my flighty ways of skipping meals and paying bills at the last possible second and keeping my clothing in a pile on the floor beside my bed to roll into upon waking. Basically, his rules were focused at making my life, and therefore ME, more stable. He forced me to learn some organizational skills and to take better care of myself.

It was a real battle of the wills at first, and it's kind of a wonder to me that he didn't eventually toss me back out into the street when I was stubborn and rebelled against him so frequently. Instead, he stayed firm but also stayed calm, which is a true feat of patience, and guided me where he wanted me to go, with kindness but also with a firmness and resolution that was amazing. I could have left at any time, being as unconnected as I was at that time, but instead, I found that the feeling of knowing there was someone at home waiting for me who would demand to know what I ate that day and whether I remembered to make a dentist appointment was unbelievably comforting.

I got punished a lot in those days. I mean a LOT! Some weeks I got spankings every day, sometimes even two or three times a day. I was so stubborn and I simply didn't believe that he was going to be able to stay attentive enough to catch everything I did wrong. I couldn't have been more wrong. He never forgot a thing. In fact, in those days he kept a written record of what was happening to ensure nothing was overlooked. He would write down the things I was expected to do, what the consequence would be if I didn't, what punishments I had already received, how many times I had broken this rule in the past, etc., etc., etc.. It was impossible to get away with anything!

It still is, truthfully, though the recordkeeping is no longer necessary since I try a lot harder to obey him now. He has an astonishingly long memory. (I was shocked when he told me I had forgotten my phone twelve times. How on EARTH could he know that without writing it down?!)

Nowadays, things here are pretty peaceful. Like he said, I have those times when the scary childhood insecurities and doubts creep in, but having his constant reassurance and approval keeps it under control most of the time.

Reliving old scenarios that remind me of childhood can be frightening because it reminds me of how things used to be, where I would be screamed at and sworn at and beaten. But, when I get into trouble with my Daddy things are different. He never raises his voice to me, he never curses, and his spankings are always controlled and safe even when they hurt a lot. It's like taking a sad story and putting a new happier ending on it. It doesn't fix what happened before but it makes it easier to live with. I love you Daddy.

May 16, 2006

No Sweeter Punishment

Last night when Daddy and I were snuggling he suddenly asked me if I was losing weight. I was startled because I certainly hadn't been trying to lose weight. As it is, I have a figure that resembles a twelve year old boy more than an woman in her thirties, so losing weight isn't on my list of things to do. (Trust me, I have enough other imperfections!)

Anyway, I have a very physically active job (acting) and I also like to jog so I do have to make sure I eat well. Fortunately for me, I also enjoy eating. :) I told Daddy I didn't know if I'd lost weight, and told him the truth, that I wasn't trying to.

He made me come with him to the washroom and he took off all my clothes and made me stand on the scale. Well, it turned out he was right (as usual) and I had lost seven pounds since the last time he weighed me which was in January. He wasn't really very happy about me losing weight because he doesn't want me to get run down.

So, I got a punishment. The best kind of punishment ever. Daddy said I wasn't allowed to go jogging last night and instead, after dinner, we went to a Thai restaurant and had coffee and an incredible ice cream desert that was served inside a lemon rind. I had to eat it all. Poor me! :)

It was a fun night and we had a nice time talking and laughing. The only bad part was that Daddy said he's going to weigh me more often and that I am supposed to try and gain back at least five pounds in the next few months. The bad part is that if I don't do it on my own he said he make me drink Carnation Instant Breakfast as an extra meal until I do. Yuck. I HATE those things. Fortunately, trying to eat more isn't much of a hardship so I will do my best to get back to fighting weight as fast as I can.

May 07, 2006

The NEXT Next Step

I believe she called the previous entry "The Next Step" because she took one more step toward a full six-stroke caning. Of course I wouldn't normally cane her on a Little Day, however, when she is meant to feel two years old for it would be completely inappropriate.

Now let's see, she left off at breakfast, which leaves much of the day left to be described. If only time didn't pass so quickly and leave it difficult to retrieve an aging man's memories, or more specifically to discern one from another.

Let me take us directly to the point. (My apologies to those who enjoy small details!)

During Little Days she is usually spanked frequently, but not harshly. She is diapered on these days, as she mentioned, and when she slips out of little behaviour and forgets herself, I remind her by taking down those sweet diapers and pulling her across my lap, bare bottomed, and delivering a short hand spanking. I rarely ever use implements on these special days for the spankings are designed to remind her of her littleness and not designed to be harsh. They are meant to make her feel small and childlike, and they pack a sting, but they are not meant to leave marks or to be extraordinarily painful - specifically because of the fact that it is very common for her to receive several of them in one day depending upon her ability to behave and remember her little rules.

When she is little she is not permitted any adult behaviours.

Throughout the day she was given several of these baby-spankings, for arguing about eating lunch when she didn't want to, for changing the channel on the television to the afternoon news, and for arguing with me about taking an afternoon nap. I believe there was one other incident though I have trouble getting enough friction between my brain cells to recall it.

Regardless, these things aren't the point, only the lead-up. She had had two, or perhaps three incidences of arguing by the time she earned herself a more serious punishment. This last incident came when she began complaining about going to bed after dinner. On Little Days I do insist she go to bed almost immediately after we eat. Again, this is designed to make her feel little and controlled and while it does do these things, of course, it sometimes has a tendancy to frustrate her as well. It is a test of her obedience and submission to work through these feelings and obey despite them, but she was having a harder time than usual with that on this day and when she began arguing about bedtime I took her upstairs by the hand and told her she had exactly two minutes to brush her teeth before I would tuck her into bed.

She began to whine and I warned her again. It is rare that she requires a warning and the fact that she was in this mood only reinforced the fact that an early bedtime was exactly what she needed, however, she did not heed my warning and continued to argue. At this point I picked up her hairbrush off the dresser, took down her diapers and pulled her across my lap on the bed and began to spank her disobedient little bottom. She screamed and begged me to stop, which I did not (of course) until she said she wanted the cane instead.

This referred back to an arrangement she and I had made several weeks ago in which she was given permission to trade a full spanking for one cane stroke. She took me up on that eventually and admitted it wasn't as terrifying as she had believed it would be, but when I offered her the option to trade the next one for two strokes she told me she would probably not be willing to do that.

However, that night she changed her mind. I must remember the power of the wooden hairbrush in helping her see things from my perspective.

I let her up and took her to the office where she was put into position and she began to cry in earnest before I even picked up the cane. Poor thing - I truly hate for her to feel so frightened, but I was also pleased to see her take "the next step" toward trusting me enough to use the cane on her at my own discretion. This is my aim, to let her see that I will use it on her the same as I do every other implement, with a design toward punishing her thoroughly but never cruelly or barbarically.

She took the two cane strokes with a lot of howling between them, but managed to keep her position with a little help from my hand placed firmly on her back. When she has learned to handle the cane better I shall become more insistent about holding her position properly. Nonetheless, she made me proud by taking two strokes and rubbing lotion into her two pretty stripes before tucking her into bed was a satisfying ending to the day we had shared.

April 23, 2006

The Next Step

Yesterday was a "Little Day", a special kind of day that my Daddy invented for when I get too grownuppish to help me get back to being his little girl. Little Days are emotionally intense for me, and are a strange mix of frustration and humiliation combined with absolute joy.

The day began with being diapered, one of the first and most difficult aspects of enforced little time. The last diapers he bought for me have a patchwork quilt pattern around the waistband of pink bunnies on a yellow and blue background. Somehow the cuteness of these makes it harder, almost, than the regular white ones he often uses.

Then it was breakfast time and time for another huge frustration. I am not, when I am little, permitted to eat adult food or drink adult drinks. That means no coffee. Missing my morning coffee makes me want to pack and suitcase and leave him when he sits beside me at the kitchen table drinking his and spoonfeeding me scrambled eggs.

He made scrambled eggs for me, also not a big favourite, and tied the bib round my neck and spoonfed me slowly but steadily, something I also have a hard time with. It really is frustrating to have no control over how fast you are eating and what you are eating. But it is, in his philosophy, which we have discussed at length, an important aspect to the psychology of Little Days because it does so much to strip me of my independance to lose my control over what goes in my body. Much like diapering reduces me to feeling like a toddler with no control over that most basic aspect of my independance.

After the breakfast, he wiped my face with a cloth - this is another touch that I find difficult to bear but I did hold still for it. It's no wonder babies scream when their parents do this to them.

Oops, I have to go. I will finish this recollection in another entry shortly.
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