June 10, 2006

It's been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely time

It has been a long time since I have posted anything here! Poor blog, you must have been lonely.

I have been caught up in a veritable whirlwind of chaos the last few weeks, by way of explanation for my absense. I have been editing a script for my theatre company and workshopping it with several actors, and this has meant putting in a lot of extra hours both at the theatre and at home hammering away at the keyboard turning Irish slang into something comprehensible to the average person. (Good lord, I've lived here forEVER and I still can't understand Trainspotting.) In the end, spending all that time writing has taken the fire from my fingertips when it came to writing here.

However, at last I am at a point where I can take a break, and this means I have returned! (cue ticker tape parade)

There is some good news. Sitting on my rear end so much in the last few weeks has yielded some minor success in Operation Weight Gain. I am up two pounds since Daddy first told me I had to try to gain five, and that's up half a pound since my last weigh-in a week ago. So, there are some benefits to being overworked and too tired to exercise! Perhaps when I gain the other three my bra straps will stop slipping down my shoulders, haha.

In other news, I have managed to stay mostly out of trouble lately and have had no serious punishments since the last one I posted about. Serious, to me, is the kind of punishment where I end up bawling and having a sore bottom for a couple of days. Those kinds of punishments are for when I am disobedient, and a good thing about working so much is that I haven't had much time to find any real trouble.

Oh, I did get a small spanking a few days ago for leaving the back gate banging in the wind after promising to remember to shut it properly, but these kinds of punishments fall into the "mild" category and are more embarrassing than they are painful.

Strangely enough, managing to avoid severe punishments for a long time can have a negative effect on my little side. That is to say that my little side needs the security of regular discipline, even though I don't exactly want it. It leads to feeling a bit restless and irritable, longing for some time with Daddy as his little girl, even as I dread some of the things he does to get me to that place.

He knows this, of course. He knows the little girl inside me better than I do. And so it is time for another "Little Day" tomorrow. That means that when I wake up tomorrow I will be his baby all day until the next morning. I don't know what he has planned for the day but I have that feeling that comes from knowing what is likely to take place during the day.

There are so many parts of being his baby that are difficult for me. And yet, anticipating them leaves me tingly and filled with butterflies as if I was falling in love for the first time instead of contemplating spending a day with someone who I have known and been married to for years. Of course, being little means I won't be permitted to use my computer, but I will save details for the next time I post, with a promise to be back sooner next time.

PS: Note to self: why does that middle section refuse to change colours?
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