December 22, 2005


Daddy's little one said...
I was wondering if your Daddy makes you actually *use* the diapers and also if he ever makes you take enemas like my Daddy does?

This is part of two of the answer to this question, about enemas. My Daddy does, indeed, make me take enemas, and it is another thing I find very difficult! Having control over this part of your life is something very basic and very personal and having this control taken away, or giving it willingly, is as emotionally powerful as it is difficult.

Enemas, for me, come in two basic varieties:
- Intimate Care
- and Punishment

Intimate Care enemas are given to me on a semi-regular basis, much like the "little days", and are most often given to me as a part of that whole experience. An Intimate Care enema is very embarrassing, but I am required to cooperate and behave during the process in spite of that. The goal of this kind of enema is mainly to do with achieving that "little" mindset very deeply, the feeling of giving up an enormous amount of control and trusting Daddy with something so intimate and personal.

To start with, I am made to lie on the bed, face down, with pillows under my tummy that lift my bottom up in the air. Usually, I am in diapers at this time. Then, he leaves me like that while he takes the equipment into the washroom. The washroom is attached to the bedroom and I can see him while he fills up the bag with very warm water, about halfway, and brings it back to me. He suspends it from the bedpost, and then he undoes my diaper and takes it off.

He will apply vaseline to my bottom before inserting the enema hose to make it go smoothly, and during this process I am supposed to try and relax and not clench against his fingers or the hose as he gently presses it in, rubbing my back and talking to me softly. Once it's in properly, he clicks the valve open, just a little, and I can feel the water trickling into me. Because it's hot water, it doesn't hurt. It usually makes me feel warm all over as it fills me up slowly and the sensation is not unpleasant apart from imagining what it all looks like from his perspective which makes me turn crimson with embarrassment.

He administers this type of enema slowly, with lots of stops to get comfortable, shift position, and talk gently. He rubs my back and my bottom, and lets me tuck my legs up under me if I need to. When I have taken the half-bag full of water, he will sometimes turn me over on my back for some gentle touches and kisses. At times I am made me to climax in this position, which is a very pleasant way to pass the time until I am permitted to release the water. This kind of enema drives me deeply into "sub space" where I am slowly able to relinquish all control to him and let him guide me slowly through the slight discomforts and reward me for my good behaviour. (Aha! A carrot!)

A Punishment enema is similar in most ways except that it strives for a different kind of emotional/mental space. A Punishment enema, obviously, is administered to teach a lesson and for the most part, I have earned this kind of punishment through misbehaviour during "little" days, mainly transgressions in remembering that I am not permitted ANY grown up behaviours on these days.

When I am given this kind of enema, he will take the diaper off immediately and lie me over the pillows on the bed to wait for him, unclothed. This kind of exposure changes how I feel while I wait, with much more nervous anticipation and embarrassment of a much hotter nature. A Punishment enema uses water that isn't quite as hot (therefore not quite as comfortable to hold) and a lot more of it. The whole bag. He will hang the bag higher up to make the flow of water faster. He isn't as gentle with the insertion of the nozzle, and he talks to me differently during a Punishment enema, using trigger words and expressions about being a "naughty girl" and "learning an important lesson". Often, he swats my bottom a few times before inserting the hose and sometimes uses Bengay instead of vaseline, which burns. (The worst thing is an enema after a full spanking!)

He then clicks the valve open and during Punishment he allows it flow faster and will not stop as frequently. I am not permitted to move, except with his permission, and I am required to accept the entire bag of water. There have been times I have been unable to do so, and then he will let me go to washroom to release the water, and then am forced to come back and begin the process all over again until I am able to accept all the water in the bag. It sometimes becomes necessary to stop and get into a crouch position, a most humiliating pose that spreads you wide open, with knees tucked up to the stomach, in order to hold all the water, and I am required to get his permission to change position.

After I have accepted the whole bag, punishment enough in itself, I am required to hold it for usually ten or fifteen minutes. During this time, he will sometimes have me write lines, or will lecture and scold, and sometimes give a few more painful swats as well. During this time is often very uncomfortable. It becomes increasingly difficult to hold the water as time passes, and it comes and goes in waves that force me to clench tightly to keep holding the water. It's horribly embarrassing to have him watch me during this time and he tends to draw out the time by talking about how much time is left and how he hopes I am learning from my discomfort. When he finally allows me to go to release the water, I am usually ready to run there at a full sprint.

That's how enemas work for us. I understand there are other types of enemas designed to bring more discomfort (like castille soap) and more pleasure (like wine!) but I have not experienced anything like this. My Daddy threatens to experiment which keeps me slightly nervous. He has also expressed great interest in the item at the top of the page in response to my ocassional inability to accept and hold a full Punishment enema, and I fear it will end up rearing its ugly nozzle in our house in the near future.

What that is, is an inflatable enema plug. You can attach to the enema bag so the enema would be delivered through the plug (also resolving another of Daddy's complaints that the enema hose is too small to feel like a punishment) and when the enema is done, you close the opening so that the plug forces you to hold the water. I am torn between thinking it would be a relief to not have to hold the water through the force of willpower, and thinking that having the plug would mean that I'd be expected to hold it longer. I'll tell you this. I'm not buying it for him, and it's not on my Christmas list either!


Blogger Dante Hunter said...

I was redirected here from your friend/e-friend Daddy's Baby. Yours too is another very intimate, personal, well written, example of blog erotica and I hope you'll keep it up. To hear from someone who has had an interesting enough sex life for over 10 years that it's worth writing about is paticularly sweet and encouraging. Take care, be good (or not), and keep writing.

January 07, 2006  
Blogger Ireland's daughter said...

Hah, thanks Dante, I appreciate your comment and I believe that the added spice of a naughty little kink keeps a sexual relationship exciting even after a long time! That, coupled with the fact that my husband is always looking for new ways to punish, correct, discipline and torture means things don't become routine.

I roamed through your blog too and enjoyed your sense of humour as well as your terrific writing!

January 08, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's sick.

June 14, 2006  
Blogger Daddy said...

LOL. And yet you took the time to read it all and post a response. How peculiar. LOL.

June 14, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MY daddy is the one who is to give my enemas. When I turned 13 I started to behave bad and then he began given me PE. It was hard to be lead to the bedroom for a PE. He usually undress me before I go to the room and made me walk naked to the bedroom, this way I can not escape into the street. He force me down into the bed face down and with a couple of hard hits in my ass He ordered me to raise my knees until my ass is high. Then he spread my legs wide and uses the inflatable balloon type enema. I hate when he uses Vic vapor rub but he said that I deserve it. I am force to take the whole bag.

July 05, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im 15 and that is sick. Im so glad I wasnt borm into such a family. Nothing could possibhly warrant that kind of humiliation. And yes, I read the whole thing and commented. BUT THATS BECAUSE ITS SO SICK. On the borderline of sexual abuse. For your childs sake DO NOT DO THAT TO THEM. That would scar someone for life. They would never live that down.

November 02, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When i was 13 yr. old, my dad always gave me enemas. I had to lay on my left on the bed with knees drawn to my chest. He would give me an warm soapy water enema after he rub gobs of vasline on my anus and the enema tube, which made insertion easy. As long as I follow his instructions, everything was fine.
If I didn't then i would get 2 swats with a wooden paddle each time I disobeyed. an enema after a spanking is very painful,Thank God I did survuved.

April 20, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember when I was younger around 14 years old. My father would make me go to my room and remove my panties and then ask me to lay on the bed with my butt sticking up. He would spread my buttocks and rub lubricant all over my butt hole and then he would stick his finger in it before putting in the nozzle. Then he would make me take the whole entire bag until I cant take it any more. Thne he would make me hold it in with a butt plug for 25 whole mins. Then I had to go to the bathroom and he would watch me. After I relase it all he would od it again and this time rub my boobs because it says it will release the tension.Then he been doing this regular saying it will help me not feel so constipated. I would get PE's and Regular Enemas

June 08, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG! when I had a "Mommy" she has full blown MS and is not really in the picture anymore which is another story for another time. :( She use to do spankings and soapy water enemas as punishments. The whole not worrying about holding it in thing with a plug I was much more scared of it than doing it on my own. She was a nurse and not only had a double bardex nozzle but a one gallon enema bag which she loved to use on me especially when I was bad. Yeah; your body wanted desperately to not only get the enema out but that big balloon of a nozzle so you literally "dry heaved" but guess what? NOTHING! was ever coming out until she felt the punishment was over. After that rinse enema, into diapers I went, and then she would hold me and rock me to sleep explaining why she did what she did and if I understood why. After I settled down and understood then it was off to bed for a nap. Her other punishment that I hated more than the enemas was If I talked back and/or cursed in front of her then mouth soaping was needed in her book. Loved her deeply but when you were bad you knew you was in trouble. I know you will never read this but Miss You Bunches Mommy...

May 10, 2014  
Anonymous Mr Clister/Dr Higginson said...

What an interesting story! Sadly I've never found a subbe lady to role-play like this. But it's curious the way fantasies develop independently. I have long thought of Vick, and later actually moved onto mustard as a lubricant, and some even advocate Tabasco - catenne pepper sauce. For punishment it is the quanty that is the challenge - one lady "patient" took 2 litres, and I have managed almost five litres, but it wasn't much fun as a real-life fantasy. I agree that talking about what is to come for a naughty girl who must be punished, and for that I recommend Edith Kadavic's "Eros - the Meaning of My Life" - Grove Press, USA about 1970s. Air in the tubing can cause significant colic, and I prefer my water to be quite hot. Ice-cold water is most unpleasant, but turpentine enemata are not as nasty as they're made out to be.

October 17, 2015  

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